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Easily Helping People with Chronic Mental Illness

One of our co-founder (Megan's) experience working as a volunteer delivering care packages to people with chronic mental illness.

On Thursday, August 5th, I received an email from that I had finally been pushed off the waiting list for a volunteering project I had signed up for. It was set to happen on Tuesday, August 10th, when I would meet up with the volunteer group at Shek Kip Mei in Hong Kong, and deliver care packages to mentally ill people.

When I arrived at the centre, the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing. Every other volunteer seemed happy and ready to work, and as they finally finished listening to the instructions, they eagerly tore into the boxes of food and items to start packing.

It wasn't long until all 20 bags of care packages were all packed up, and it was time for us to take the MTR (Hong Kong's Subway System) to different stations to hand them out. And after a few minutes of everyone's triceps and biceps burning, they finally took the train to two stations- Lam Tin and Wong Tai Sin.

Standing awkwardly at the gates, we held up a sign that indicated that they were volunteers, and soon, the patients came. Dutifully calling out their names and waiting for the packages to be delivered, the ordeal was done in minutes.

Though I wish the experience could have been longer, and that I could've had a more hands-on experience, I encourage all who are reading this to get involved in some charitable activities later on.

(Picture taken by Katelyn Au Yeung, who Megan coincidentally saw at the volunteer workshop)


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