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Mental Health Awareness Month (pt 3)

Hailey + Vincent

How you can seek help in HK

There are a variety of local services that support mental health in HK:

  • Open Up ( provides online chat support

  • The Clinical Psychological Service of the Social Welfare Department: +852 2343-2255

  • Shall We Talk ( a mental health promotion and public education initiative launched by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health

  • Suicide prevention hotline (the Samaritans): +852 28960000

  • English Emotional Support Hotline (the Samaritan Befrienders): +852 23892223 (English-only)

  • DSE Hotline (The HK Federation of Youth Groups): 27771122 (Cantonese-only)

  • Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre: +852 18288

  • HK Red Cross Psychological Support Service:

Furthermore, if you are going through periods of compulsory isolation, HKU Wellcation ( has tips and resources on how to stay strong.

Finally, according to the NHS, doing the following can help you improve your mental wellbeing:

  1. Social interaction: can help increase your sense of self-worth whilst providing a platform of emotional support for both you and others

  2. Exercising: evidence has shown that exercise causes chemical changes in your brain that are likely to boost your mood, motivation, and your cardiovascular health

  3. Improving / learning new skills: gives you a sense of purpose and helps raise self-esteem and resilience

  4. Giving to others: cultivates positive feelings and gives you and others an aim - to help others!

  5. Being mindful: living in the present and not worrying about the future enhances self-awareness, making many more calm and reflective. It can help you understand yourself better.

Let’s all take action

What should you do?

  • Do not discriminate against those going through hard times; instead, be supportive to and try to help them (financially, mentally, or physically)

  • Simply listen and concentrate on someone’s needs

  • Stay connected with others - constantly reach out to them every time policies change etc.

    • Make the use of technology to stay connected with close ones

  • Find your online resources to help yourself and others (AHA, MHA, Mind HK, etc. have a lot of free resources you can sign up for)


Volunteering is also an invaluable way to support mental health in HK - offering the chance to make a difference, empowering both yourself and others. Some organizations you can help out at include:

Hong Kong Mental Health Foundation

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