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Mental Health Tracker


We all experience a complex range of emotions every single day, whether we are feeling positive or negative. Therefore, it is essential that we have a clear understanding of our emotional state of mind if we are to achieve self-actualization.

rootd - panic attack relief

rootd is the award-winning, female-led app for anxiety and panic attacks. It has been prominently featured in Women's Health, Time Magazine, Healthline and more.

It provides short-term and long-term lessons that provide relief, help you to manage heightened anxiety, and maintain a calm mind. In addition to the courses, it can help you understand your mental health better through learning where anxiety comes from, how our bodies and minds experience panic attacks, and what causes these mental health issues have, helping you to avoid or better deal with them.

This app also includes some excellent tools that can teach you to practice deep breathing daily and stay calm during times of stress.

Wysa: Mental Health Support

Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses Al to react to the emotions you express. By using Wysa, users can vent and deal with loss, worries, or conflict using conversational coaching tools. There are hundreds of therapeutic exercises and sessions under the guidance of professional therapists available. With the help of mindfulness exercises such as sleep stories and meditation, this app can help users relax, focus and sleep peacefully.

Sayana: Daily Self-Care Guide

With the statistics recorded by Sayana’s daily mood tracker, users can receive personal insights into how they have been feeling over long periods of time in order to learn more about themselves. The AI chatbot will also suggest what you can do about your situation, or how you can improve your mood after each session.

Sayana is not only a self-care app, but is also a community. You can chat anonymously with thousands of people who are going through the same situations, and get advice and support from them.


Stoic provides daily quotes from philosophers for users to read. Users are also able to save their favorite inspiring quotes to read again.

It can help you be less afraid of taking action and guide you to overcome hard decisions in life

Its clean design can calm you down and clear your mind, as well as express your thoughts and set goals by using its journaling function.


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