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National Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th)

Tw: Suicide

“Creating Hope Through Action”

Every year, the International Association for Suicide Prevention and World Health Organisation collaborate to help increase knowledge on how we can help prevent suicide. This year’s theme is Creating Hope Through Action. We as a society must band together to help address this public health issue, and aid in reduce suicide rates globally.

Why is this important?

One person dies from suicide every 40 seconds.

National Suicide Prevention Day aims to raise awareness around the second leading cause for death for those aged 15 - 29. Suicide is a topic often treated with neglect and taboo, which is often why people turn a blind eye towards it. Suicidal thoughts affect millions around the globe, and chances are, you or someone you know may have been affected by it. Knowing what to do or say can help your loved ones drastically.

How can you support Suicide Prevention?

  • Read more about suicide and depression, understand some basic symtoms and signs

  • Reach out to friends or family who are struggling, support is key <3

  • Be a good listener. If it’s alright for your mental health, listen to what your friend has to say without judgement, and show that you care about them

  • Donate money to established charities who aid in preventing suicide in your local area

    • Eg in Hong kong we have “The Samaritans”

  • You can also share and forward mental health resources on social media

  • Treat the topic seriously and with respect. Suicide takes thousands of lives a year, and is not something to take lightly and joke about



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