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Two Week to Discover Our Brains

Our founder, Hailey’s, experience at a Psychology and Neuroscience course form Oxford Scholastica Academy.

I joined a Psychology and Neuroscience course from the 19th to 30th of July, 2021. I was hoping to be able to join official college courses such as courses from Cambridge University or Princeton University, but we only started looking for courses a month before the summer holiday started, so everything was basically packed already.

The course I joined was from Oxford Scholastica Academy, which actually turned out to be so much more expensive than we thought. The course itself, however, was a nice introduction to both Psychology and Neuroscience.

The course covered topics relating to some of life’s big questions: “How do we think?”, “How do we live together?”, “How do we feel?” and “Are we alone?”, as well as covering an introduction to the brain, and exploring research methods in psychology. When asking “How do we think?”, we looked at phenomena such as memory, intelligence, and consciousness. When asking “How do we live together?”, we investigated human language, cooperation, and culture. When asking “How do we feel?”, we explored the ideas of emotion, love and attachment. We then examined the evidence of these cognitive traits in non-human animals to ask the question “Are we alone?”.

We were all asked to read a psychology research article and wrote a critical review of it. At the end of the two-week course, we also needed to present a personal research project, which involved coming up with your own experiment, plotting graphs, and presenting through a PowerPoint format.

Overall, the experience I had was great especially since this was my first time joining an online course about psychology and neuroscience, two fields I have always been interested in. I highly recommend this course for students who want a basic introduction to the fields, and to students who do not have these subjects available for them at school.


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