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Results Day

It’s Results Day! (Preparations + Words of Advice)

A Brief Note: The Notepad: something to note down before and after…


1. Results are unpredictable…

  • Results may end up higher than predicted: it isn’t possible to know what the future holds!

  • You can’t do much to change the actual results- except changing your perspective and attitudes towards it! (half cup of water available vs only half cup of water left analogy)

2. Nothing is worth your health

  • “Life often feels like a race”. We’re here to say that life is a marathon. Success or failure is not dependent on a mere set of grades.

3. Results doesn’t mean everything - life goes on as it will

4. Success is not final; failure is not fatal.

Preparations to take:

  1. Find some good companions to open your results with. (Or open them alone!)

  2. Open up about stress/anxiety to those who care!

  3. Have a backup plan for your future!

Always remind yourself of the effort you gave in!

Tools You Need: Preparations we’d suggest:

1. Your Voice: Open your results in a way you’d like

  • Do you want your entire family with you while you open your results? Your friends? Be sure you’re comfortable with your companions!

  • If you feel unwell and want some alone time, it is always ok to spend some time adjust. In the meantime, do remember that people around you do care about you!

2. The Letters: Open up to those who care

  • If you have any older peers, or parents, they’ve most likely gone through the same thing. Reach out to them for support, or simply, advice. They’d be more than happy to help and calm you down.

** Remember, peers are there to help out! Be sure to have a healthy conversation instead of negative comparisons!

3. The Backpack: Have a backup plan

  • This is extremely hard to think about, and will only be needed in certain situations, but do have insurances!

  • There’s many solutions to quote unquote “bad” grades. You can resit your exams, use University clearing services, or even change course!

  • You can also appeal grades!

*Wherever you end up, new paths will pave. Try to navigate through and it’ll be alright!

4. The Phone: Hotlines at your fingertips

  • If you’re in the UK, you can call the UCAS helpline at: 0800 100 900

  • If you’re in HK, you can call the hong kong federation of youth groups helpline: 2777 8899 or the Hok Yau club at 2503 3399 for student-related support.

** There are many more hotlines available!

5. The Contacts: Someone to contact and listen.

  • If you truly need someone to rely on, you can try Student Minds UK, a mental health charity that mainly serves students.

  • Plus, BMH has done a podcast episode, called “Because Success Doesn’t Matter”, so if you ever feel like you need someone to relate to on this issue, take a listen~


Please remember, these results don’t mean everything.

Standardised tests are notoriously bad at discerning “intelligence”, and does not encapsulate your entire personality!

Author Napolean Hill: "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure."


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