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Whether it be by joining us, making a one-time donation, or getting involved with our projects, we'd be honoured to have you be a part of Because Mental Health's community. Follow the links below to go to our application or donations pages. BMH offers rolling application for all available positions

We'd be extremely delighted to have you on our team! We have full-time team member positions, internships, freelance positions, and one-time volunteer work positions available! Click here to see which role would suit you best!

We believe that the first step to ending the mental health stigma is to share, discuss, and relate. Click here to share your story! We offer to feature the story wherever you are comfortable with, and you get to choose to stay anonymous.

Aiming to make neuroscientific and psychological knowledge accessible to budding scientists around the world, we are connecting young, budding neuroscientific and/or psychological scientists with experienced professionals, to provide educational guidance and mentorship. (Volunteering hours CAN be verified!) Click here to sign up!

As BMH strives to become more ambitious with change-making, we also need more financial support, given that this organisation is entirely student-run. Please consider supporting us by donating!

BMH will use donations for:

  1. Organizing and running activities (eg. compensation for webinar guests, materials, food and drinks for attendees)

  2. Donating to Mental Health Organisations and Psych Wards in Hong Kong, especially those that provide subsided or low-cost counselling and therapy

  3. For administrative purposes (eg. website hosting) 

Funding for administrative purposes will be mostly funded by BMH members to make sure most of your donations are directly for services in your community.





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