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Compulsive Shopping Disorder

Shopping addiction

  • People with compulsive shopping disorder have difficulty resisting the purchase of unused items, which causes a high level of personal distress, and the development of adverse consequences like relationship problems.

  • compulsive shopping disorder is not a recognised mental disorder

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  • The person is preoccupied with spending and devote significant time and money to the activity

  • plan the shopping experience as a way to avoid or relieve negative feelings such as anxiety

  • After shopping, the shopper experiences guilt and remorse

  • Negative consequences: running into financial difficulties, having arguments with family members, etc.

Impulsive vs. Compulsive Shopping — internal motivation

  • impulse buying is unplanned and happens in reaction to an external trigger, such as seeing a desired item in a shop

  • People who engage in compulsive buying behavior are more likely to fall into a pattern of addictive behavior. They shop more and more in an attempt to stave off stress and anxiety.

Causes of guilt

  1. money should be put to better use

  2. Purchases don’t align with your values and needs

-> Regret making this financial decision

-> depressed for not being able to resist compulsive buying

-> frustrated with financial plans and responsibilities

Solution 1

Minimize temptation:

- Avoid going to certain stores where you are more likely to overspend

- set a strict budget

- bring a friend who can help keep you accountable.

- Give yourself or your friends three reasons for buying that item

Solution 2


Through re-organizing closets in your house or cleaning your drawers, you may discover things that you have forgotten. You can find the feeling of abundance by looking through those things that you already have, which can quench your thirst for shopping.

Solution 3

Develop an alternative habit that is affordable, healthy and enjoyable, such as making porcelain and painting, as indulging in activities that fill you emotionally can reduce your cravings for material items.



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